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Nubrella is a new ‘Breakthrough Product Innovation’.
Nubrella is the first wearable Hands-Free umbrella for Rain & Sun protection in the world. Nubrella has a lightweight, durable non-invertible canopy conveniently worn backpack style with comfortable straps holding Nubrella into position.
Nubrella Hands-Free technology is completely versatile and simple to use. When not needed with the simple press of side buttons the canopy collapses down your back like a hood leaving you still Hands-Free and eliminating the need to carry anything!

– New Open-front aerodynamic design
– One size fits all with adjustable straps
– Weighs only 3 lbs.
– Only 26” across fits through all doors
– Stores down users back when not needed
– Fits through any standard size door open or closed

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