Behind the Design


Nubrella® worked with several leading product design and engineering firms designing numerous prototypes before reaching the final Patented backpack style worn Hands-Free & Wind-Resistant new weather protection device/umbrella for rain and sun protection.

It happened on a rainy NYC Day

One rainy, windy day Alan was sitting inside a New York city coffee shop. Gazing out the window, Alan became transfixed on everyone battling with their umbrellas…inverting, flying away…he saw one frustrated man toss his inverted mess into the trash can. He also empathized with the workers’ who couldn’t escape the rain and wind, wearing only a raincoat.

vision appeared

It was at this moment that an image appeared in his mind of what an alternative weather protection device/umbrella could look like. He sketched it and Nubrella was born! From there, Alan worked with several leading design and engineering firms to bring his vision to life.

Meet the Founder

The world’s first patented hands-free, wind-resistant umbrella!

Meet the Team




Every great idea begins with a small thought. On that rainy, windy, miserable day in NYC, that small thought changed my life. And now, I am about to change yours! Nubrella worked with some of the leading product design & engineering firms to develop something far overdue. Perseverance really does pay off. I hope you enjoy it!


About the company

Nubrella is located in Southern Florida. We are the manufacturer of the world’s first and only Hands-Free & Wind-Resistant umbrella for both rain and sun protection. The company owns numerous patents throughout the US and Internationally. Nubrella is a registered trademark. We currently have customers in over 85 countries and all 50 states. Consumers and corporations are finding Nubrella an excellent fit for their weather protection needs over today’s existing products.