Nubrella & Backpack package

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Int’l: $139.99 $129.99

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** On Sale – Limited quantities available. **

Receive both the Nubrella and custom Nubrella backpack for those who want to use both a Nubrella and a backpack. So, Nubrella has designed it’s own custom backpack that easily attaches and detaches in the rear. When unattached it is a fully functional backpack with it’s own shoulder straps for full use.

Nubrella’s backpack is very high quality, waterproof and has the necessary pockets like any standard backpack to fit a computer, water bottle etc.

Ride a bike, hike, push the stroller, watch a sporting event and enjoy the combined convenience.

Lifetime Guarantee

2 reviews for Nubrella & Backpack package

  1. 5 out of 5

    Had one sent to me from a friend in the states as an early Christmas pressie about a month ago, I had never seen anything like it anywhere else in Australia!! Couldnt wait for it to rain so I could have a go haha!! It was AMAZING! I walked around playing with my phone without getting wet and I could see perfectly, i never expected it to actually do what it said it would do….. but it did 🙂
    I made the fatal mistake of taking it to do my shopping and taking it off and putting it into my shopping cart, where some person with no moral compass decided to steal it when my back was turned 🙁 🙁 🙁 BUT for the short time I had it, it amazed many other people who asked where they could buy 1 🙂
    Great product!

  2. 5 out of 5

    It finally rained in my area of California..I used my Nubrella for the first time today. It worked as advertised. I had my hands free to do other things, while keeping dry in the rain. The umbrella can be tilted to cover you at different angIes..which comes in handy when it is windy. I could keep it on in the car and just flip it up when I went back outside. I do wish it folded down a bit smaller into itself. (like maybe into its own backpack) But maybe in a future version. I will use it and refer it to friends..I hate holding on to umbrellas so this a perfect fit for me. And it comes with its own backpack so I can still stay hands free and dry while carrying everything I need. Nice sturdy design too. Thanks, now I can play in the rain, stay dry and carry everything I need. Keep the great ideas coming!

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